Bookshelf motivation: RTW planning part 2

If  you read our earlier post about our use of a map ( Traveling around the world, It all started with The Map. (  you know that we used lots and lots of books for motivation and inspiration. No doubt most of you travel lovers and  couch travelers have some of these on your shelves too. They are great motivators. We used post-its and corner tabs to mark our favorite pages . We downloaded dozens more onto our e-readers (*the best go to advice is from bloggers and e-books).  We read with interest other adventures. Research is  a necessary part of the planning. In the end there is no perfect book. There are lots of suggestions.  But alas, like parenting books, one will find the RTW travel guide that suits their travel style.

Most of these books we had for years. Some we bought to inspire and educate once the plan was in motion. None of these books made the trip with us. (Kindles and iPads came instead).  So send and link your favorites in the comments. Help inspire others! 20131016-105804.jpg

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