The Wayfaring Family

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Our family did it. We took our kids out of school, and took 10 months to travel the world. Sometimes I can’t even believe it. I’m still processing it and transitioning home myself. We got back to Kentucky at the end of May 2013.

Our adventures are detailed on our blog, but a quick run down is: We drove across the USA, rafted the Colorado River, sold our car in LA, flew to Guatemala, lived in Antigua for a glorious month.  We then flew to Peru, visited the Amazon for two weeks, trekked to Machu Picchu and saw Lima. Flew to Fiji. Then three weeks in New Zealand, six weeks in Australia. We enjoyed Bali for Christmas and New Year. Traveled to Kuala Lumpur and Borneo for several weeks, followed by Singapore, then Thailand and then on to Africa. A stopover in Dubai then a week in Spain. Six weeks in Italy, then Austria, Germany, Holland, France and England.

If you want to read our story:

But if we can do it so can you. We are a typical American family. We were hyper-scheduled, over-involved in sports and school activities. We totally believed our business would fall apart without us.  And we have two cats, a four pound dog, lots of fish, and a gecko. How could we possibly up and leave!!!!

We did. Things all worked out and everything was here when we got back. The details will be different for you. But you can make it happen!  Follow this blog for inspiration and motivation to help make your travel dreams come true!

What does your dream look like?


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