Feeding electric eels…eating grubs.

One of my favorite experiences on our Round the World adventure was our two weeks in the Amazon.  We did so many things that pushed us out of our comfort zones.  I conquered my fears of bats and bugs mostly because I didn’t have a choice.  The bats were huge and the bugs were everywhere.  It was hotter than I have ever been and we hiked and traveled far into remote  jungles to see the mysteries of the Amazon.  We all ate grubs and piranha to try local delicacies, and because… we caught them.  We fed electric eels in a mud hole because… we could, and when else would we get such an opportunity!

It was these experiences that are best told by my ten year old. His blog was mostly short videos of our adventures captured by his sister.

The link to his grub video is here.  http://hotstuffbylee.wordpress.com/2012/10/16/video-blog-grubs-are-gross/

I have attached his eel blog below. Enjoy!

Electric eels are shocking

Feeding Electric eels

So we found ourselves miles up the Amazon River getting out of a boat to hike. We hike about 15 Minutes and we already saw 3 different of birds. We hike for 2 hours and we have seen 20 different birds. We get to this this small double decker dock and we go fishing! We caught 7 fish. We also saw 4 caiman! Then we hike for another 30 minutes. We got to a puddle that was 1 square foot. I almost jumped in it but then I see an electric eel come out! It was huge. They were gray with a red bellyAt one moment in time there were 5 in the puddle.Our guide says there were under ground tunnels so they have lots of secret places. We gave them the fish and you heard them shock it.It was amazing! I hope to do it again!


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