Appreciating Home.

Lexington, Kentucky, USA

One of the great things about traveling around the world is appreciating home when you return. After spending a year on the road, there are so many things you realize you took for granted while away.  So I thought I’d write a post today of some of the things I love about Lexington, KY:

  1. Unbelievable food! We have so many food choices.  Great local restaurants and more restaurant chains than you can count. Not to mention that we have an abundance of local markets and access to every major grocery chain from organic to luxury to discount to wholesale. Any food and any way that you like your food you can get it here. We have some great ethnic restaurants, and I challenge any town to rival our doughnuts.
  2. Easy Access WIFI and cell-phone coverage. We have come to depend on it we take it for granted in the US but anyone who has traveled knows that at times finding reliable wifi can be tough. Here at home it is a non-issue.  WIFI/4G is a blessing and I love having it!
  3. Amazing art: Lexington is full of fabulous art. We traveled the world and visited some world-class museums, but it was the city’s public art that was always the most striking and memorable. Lexington is home to some amazing public art and murals. Lexington is currently part of a cool mural project (PRHBTN) We currently have a Bourbon Barrel project on display that highlights dozens of local artists and our Horse Mania project can still be seen around town. Art is appreciated in Lexington and generally valued by the community.  Out trip made me more appreciative of our art scene.
  4. Gorgeous Fall Foliage and our tree-lined roads. Driving in Kentucky in the Fall is stunning. It was literally raining red and yellow leaves the other day. We missed Autumn last year as we opted for an “endless summer” year of following the sun.  Experiencing the seasonal change this year I realized how much I missed this time of year. It is truly beautiful.
  5. Basketball. I missed it. We are in Kentucky. It is basketball season. I tried to appreciate Rugby. It was fun but it doesn’t hold a candle to college basketball – especially in the Bluegrass.  Go CATS!
  6. And I love our “new” slogan Kentucky kicks Ass. Visit Kentucky for Kentucky to learn more cool stuff about our home.

3 thoughts on “Appreciating Home.”

  1. What a great tribute to Lexington – one of my homes and an all-time favorite place on earth. Although we’re not living there now, I always look forward to visiting my sisters there. And if I may add one personal fave we can’t find anywhere else – beer cheese! 🙂 All the best, Terri

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