Sending your kids abroad without you.


I just agreed to do it and now I’m jealous. I just signed my daughter up for a two-week “Greece” trip with her high school for next summer. After much begging and pleading (and promising to work towards some of the cost) we agreed to “allow” her to go.  Although in actuality, we could not have been more pleased she wanted to. It is a great trip with enthusiastic teachers and an amazing itinerary. Study abroad is a totally different experience from traveling with your family and something I can’t wait for her to try.  I will, however, admit – I am jealous!


She has been scouring “study abroad” books all semester, almost since the moment we got back from our RTW adventure.  It is funny because she is really the main reason we came back at all. She was determined to have her full high school experience and who could blame her? Now, here she is, looking for every opportunity to travel again (albeit with her friends not her family).


The school was glad to have her on the trip.  As an experienced traveler at 15, she will help ease other kids fears and concerns about traveling.  She knows the in-and-outs of crossing borders, packing light, not having all the state-side amenities (like hair dryers) and of trying new foods. The trip sponsors hope she’ll encourage the others.


She goes to an amazing school that encouraged and supported our year abroad. They have a unique new “Global Studies” program that encourages the study and awareness of other cultures.  Students in the program also have several opportunities for international travel.  This is perfect for a kid who just came back from a year traveling the world and is infected with the travel bug.


Now I am debating about meeting her there when her trip is over and trying to hit a few places we didn’t see.  I need a travel fix, too.   I’m going to start planning…

4 thoughts on “Sending your kids abroad without you.”

  1. She is going to be a wonderful addition to the trip, I know! The lids and teachers will have a lot to learn from her.

  2. Our stories are so similar, Anne! Our oldest daughter is an 8th grader and can’t wait for our trip to end so she can reunite with her friends. HOWEVER, both of our daughters have been researching Semester at Sea programs, and trying to find one for high school.

  3. This is so great Anne and a very good post. This is also exactly what we want for our children.
    I live in Germany, and by the time my son was 5 years old, he had been to 23 countries without us doing a RTW! I used to strap him on my back and go hiking or take 12 hour trains to Eastern Europe: so much fun!
    He’s 11 now and will be going to France next year with the Boy Scouts, Spain with his school class in 2015 and when he’s 14, he will be doing an international school exchange to either China, South America, Switzerland or any English-Speaking Country, encouraged and expected by his peers and himself!

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