Ordered from Abroad.

While traveling last year we made a choice not to buy many souvenirs. This was as much due to our baggage restrictions and a year of traveling light as our conscious choice not to “over buy”. We brought a few choice things to serve as reminders from our travels – but we mostly have memories and photographs as keepsakes from our Round the World adventure.

Now that we are back in the USA (and back in the world of 24 hour all you can buy gorgefest) I find myself  longing for a few of the things we encountered along the way. So in the global market economy I indulged this past Christmas, and ordered myself (and the family of course) the sweet R. Dalton Guatemalan coffee from the Finca Filadelfia coffee farm we visited just outside Antigua.


I’ve got to say that this purchase has made me very happy. Grinding the beans each morning and smelling them takes me back to our fabulous day at Finca Filadelfia. We zip-lined through the coffee plantation, learned how coffee beans grow in the volcanic soils of Guatemala, and relaxed with beautiful views of Volcanos. I know Starbucks sells a Guatemalan blend – but it isn’t the same. Sometimes you just have to go to the source.

Have you ever ordered your favorite something from abroad after you got home? 

2 thoughts on “Ordered from Abroad.”

  1. Sure. The first time I went to Bali, I bought a sort of god-like statute and when I got back to Germany, I went searching for a shop that sold “imported antiques” and bought two more, at may I say, 100 times, the original price LOL!

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