American travel… add CHICAGO to your list of cities to visit with your teen.

Traveling in or to America?  Add CHICAGO to your List of Cities to visit with your teen.

A day in Chicago.

I love Chicago. It’s in my Top Five cities to visit in the USA.  It is a great city to spend a day with your older kids too. I just spent 24 hours in the city with my 15 year old while we had some extra time around her dive competition.

A quick L ride into the city from the outskirts (cheaper hotels) had us downtown in twenty minutes. Once on Michigan Ave. we had all of downtown Chicago at our fingertips. The kids wanted to go shopping. It’s not necessarily what I like to do with a day in the city – but sometimes you do what they want to do. Michigan Ave. does not disappoint shoppers.

The people of Chicago are friendly. It is a mid-western town and people are generally nice. They  actually help out in stores. There is service with a smile in restaurants and people smile and make eye contact on the streets. It’s a cool place.

Chicago also does not disappoint “foodies”. I had an amazing dinner at The Drawing Room with handcrafted cocktails and some winter squash crepes that I will never forget.  They even had great mocktails for the kids.  We all loved it!  It was one of several great meals over the weekend. The kids enjoyed cupcakes from a Cupcake ATM that literally delivers gourmet cupcakes from Sprinkles Bakery through an “ATM machine”.

The Chicago skyline is spectacular and you don’t have to go far to get an extraordinary pictures.  Just look up.  We snapped many, including one  that contained both the oldest building to survive the great fire and the majestic Willis Tower.  It’s the little things like these that make your kids think a city is grand!

With more time, a visitor should see the “Bean”, the murals, the museums, a football or baseball game, and tour the diverse neighborhoods, eat deep dish pizza and take full advantage of the thousands of opportunities Chicago has in store.  We have done those things on longer visits and are highly recommended. But on a single cold March day with my teen  – Chicago’s accessibility and hospitality didn’t disappoint.

If you read my article about the Long Term American Road Trip you know that most people rarely included Chicago.  The southern route is a lot of fun, especially if you are driving. But consider rerouting through Chicago or if you are touring the USA and plan to fly out west – make an extended connection in Chicago.  It is always worth a visit!!


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