Things that go “GRRRUMPHHH” in the Night.

And They're Off. . .



IMG_6756I woke up to the sound of water splashing outside the stilted tent I was sharing with Laney. I knew immediately what it was. We had been warned they might come. We were deep in the Okavango Delta in the heart of Botswana at Xakanaxa Lodge.

Our guides had warned us to zip our tents shut. We were to always have a staff escort to and from our quarters after dusk and keep food out.

Our tents are not like the kind we used in the Grand Canyon. These were on stilts, equipped with mahogany furniture and electricity and had a separate bathroom access. I liked this kind of “camping”. We were situated right on the Xakanaxa Lagoon and faced the most amazing African sunsets each evening and spectacular moonsets early each morning.

Despite being housed in luxurious tents, we were still quite remote, and each night the…

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