Blue Light Night Dive on Bonaire


Blue Light Night Diving at Del Laman Resort on Bari Reef in Bonaire is a must for any diver! Bari reef alone has over 300 species of fish and is an excellent site. The site has more variety than any other location in the Caribbean. Night diving is always great. But this is something special!

Del Laman’s affiliated PADI dive shop, Bonaire Dive and Adventure, provides you blue lights and a special mask filter that allows you to see the underwater world in a new way. Guided by a great local dive master, who knows the reef, you can be assured you’ll be guided to exactly where there is lots to see!

As we descend into the water at dusk our blue lights barely emit enough light to make much of an impression. There is still enough natural light to see and we immediately come upon a free moray hiding in a coral bed.

We go deeper. About forty feet which is all you need in Bonaire to get a rich and mighty wall of coral. It begins getting darker and our blue lights begin to light up a world I never knew existed. Everything was in day-glo. Glowing like at a fluorescent party hosted by the Merry Pranksters.

The coral lit up gold, pink and green. Eels colors glowed bright. Anemones were bright pink and purple!
Giant fish follow your light to get a quick snack on smaller fish that get lit up. You can help and watch them hunt. This was an amazing dive and the kids loved it.

We spent about 40 minutes exploring the reef and the amazing variation and abundance of fluorescent colors visible there. It was like entering an underwater black light poster that had come to life. We were all having a great time.

Night diving is always an amazing experience but Blue-light diving at Del Laman is one of my top five “must do” dive experiences! I was just offered a glimpse at a secret world I never knew existed!

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