Pack smart for your next scuba trip!

Packing too much for any trip is a problem that most of us have. Over packing on a scuba vacation means heavy checked bags and lots of stuff you probably don’t need. Let’s face it. If you are a scuba enthusiast you really don’t need much to be happy at the beach but the right equipment. Our family loves to dive and after a year around the world, diving in lots of different countries we have light packing down.

Pack a 2-3 suits, 2-3 shorts and a few t-shirts and a light sweater. One pair of good walking sandals. That’s all you need. Wear your heavy items if you are coming from a colder climate and shed them as you move south. Bring a hat and sunglasses! Relax, you’re on vacation! Leave the fancy clothes at home and enjoy your week at the beach.

Generally, I only pack a mask and snorkel of my own gear. I rent the BCD, regulator, fins and sometimes, awesome paddle board products. But for shore diving in Bonaire this past week we brought booties, dive socks and fins. I’ve attached a photo of my carry-on items that included everything but my fins. (I brought them on this trip but when we travelled for a year this was something we rented along with our other equipment.) I like dive computers and investing in your own is probably a good idea if you plan on doing a lot of diving.

Pack and use sunscreen! Nothing worse than seeing sunburnt divers  trying to put on wet suits.  Ouch! (I’m talking specifically to the Canadians…I know we are happy to see the sun – but put the sunscreen on!)

I’m a big believer in sharing the things that work. I have just discovered the Hoboroll by Gobi Gear for packing up all my “must have items” into carry-on.  This gem cinched it all up tight and made it so compact there was plenty of room for my camera and essential scuba gear in my carry-on! I could easily have used it as a bag alone if not for bulky fins.  Still, with it there was not much need for checked baggage! The best part is I used the hoboroll as a beach bag later in the week as it easily carried four towels and sunscreen and water bottles for us. Thanks Gobi Gear!

We love our simple but amazing little cameras. We use the Canon SX280HS (and it has a sweet underwater case) and a Go-pro. Both are small and easy to pack. True photographers might want bigger and better equipment but these do the trick for us.  We have some amazing photos from our travels that prove it!






*For more information on Bonaire see our article about diving Bonaire or follow @Bonairetourism on Twitter

5 thoughts on “Pack smart for your next scuba trip!”

  1. Thanks for this article, I recently went on two lengthy trips to Central America and Southeast Asia. I intended to go diving but it just didn’t work out for me. For the 7-week trip to Southeast Asia, I didn’t even bring my equipment. It was just too hard to haul it all around with me for 7 weeks … it’s an important article because most of us need a better system 🙂

  2. Great advice. Packing light is key especially when you’re heading off to dive on a live aboard. We’ve managed to get some great light weight scuba BCDs from Zeagle which really helps keep our bags as light as possible!

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