It’s Derby week in the Bluegrass: #Bucketlist


I live in Kentucky. When we took our big trip last year no matter where we were people knew Kentucky for one of two things:

1. Kentucky Fried Chicken


2. The Kentucky Derby.

Living in the heart of the Bluegrass State we live and breath this beautiful horse country. Horse racing is part of our culture here. It’s in the fashion, the architecture and, literally, in the grass. (It is said our limestone base helps grow strong horses). So, it’s no wonder that almost everything stops this week to focus on the Derby.

If you live in Louisville, things literally stop. The schools shut down for celebrations. There is a week full of activities that will amaze.  Air shows, fireworks, concerts, road races, hot air balloons and, of course,  horse racing. Parties, celebrities and mint juleps are everywhere. Enjoy the finest bourbon and buy (or make) a Derby hat.

All the hype and celebration comes down to next Saturday and the Derby itself – the greatest two minutes in sport. The whole world will watch the race.  Stars,  political figures, sports heros, industry giants and regular folk  come together and pack the grandstand, the clubhouse, the suites, and the infield.  Millions more watch from their living rooms at parties big and small.  Attending in person is definitely a bucket list item. But if you decide to make the trip – don’t come for the day, come for the week. Enjoy the whole scene. Take in the glory of Kentucky culture at it’s finest.  Horses, bourbon, southern food and southern hospitality.  Kentucky is showing off during Derby week and it sure is fun.

Personally, I love Kentucky any time of year. I suggest you also visit and see it when it is a bit less crowded, Tour some horse farms, travel the Bourbon Trail and visit a few bourbon distilleries, go hiking through our beautiful countryside, and listen to some Bluegrass music.  But the Kentucky Derby is one of those things that is an amazing experience. So come to the Derby. Check it off your Bucketlist! And get some Kentucky Fried Chicken here while your at it!


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