Top Ten things seen at JazzFest 2014

10. Lyle Lovett
Lyle and his band are classic and always entertaining. Just plain ‘ole good for your soul.

9. Parades and Second Lines
Watch or join in. This is why you are in New Orleans.

8. Alabama Shakes
Just the best. I’ve seen them twice and they are really polished.

7. Charmaine Neville in the Blues Tent
Charmaine channeling Louis Armstrong for “What a Wonderful World”. ‘Nuff Said.

6.Signers for Hearing Impaired during the musical performances
Jazzfest has the best of the best when it comes to signers and they are a show in themselves. These people are able to translate the artists lyrics into American Sign Language for the hearing impaired and rock out at the same time. They do it with such ease and fun that you can’t help wish you had the ability to sign.

5. Trombone Shorty
He is just amazing. Great band. High energy. And the man knows how to pose for Jazzfest pictures!

4. Festival Walking.
There is a walk that festival goers do that is a mix of weaving, dancing, meandering and forward movement. It is usually done after a few drinks and from one band to another. It can be done in groups but often seen by lone individuals happily feeling the moment.

3. Flags
Flags are an intrical part of the Jazzfest experience. People spend a lot of time working on their flag and it’s unique style. It’s not just an identifier for your group but ultimately becomes a symbol of unity tying like-minded festers together. I know I spent a lot of time with the “pork chop of love” group. Although I never met them.

2.Food: The Best of New Orleans
Crawfish Monica, Oyster Po-boys, Rosemint Tea, Fried Plantains… I could go on and on. It is offered like fair food but it’s some of the best of New Orleans’ cuisine and a unique part of Jazzfest.

1. Bruce Springsteen
Yes, he did it again. He came back and put on an epic performance. Bruce’s shows are so high energy that they are made for the Jazzfest crowd. It’s no wonder he is voted best live show because every time I see him I am a believer again. Bruce can turn any non-Bruce fan into a forever fan once you see him live. He’s that good. I think he topped off another perfect Jazzfest this year.

One thought on “Top Ten things seen at JazzFest 2014”

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