World Health, fever screening and… zombies

One of the interesting things about traveling abroad is the many different health checks and standards required for traveling. We had no less than seven vaccinations for our year of travels and took about 100 days of anti-malaria medications. I was “fever scanned” upon entry to several countries (while some places didn’t seem to care what we had).  Some nations were more concerned about the fruit viruses than human disease (although a food epidemic can have catastrophic human consequences) and others had elaborate requirements for entry – but rarely enforced them.  Entry requirements ranged form the ultra high-tech scanners to walking across sticky mats at the border to prevent the passing of foot and mouth disease.

I find it all interesting. I’m not a germaphobe and we were lucky enough to not get sick during our entire year traveling around the world. I like to think it was a combination of the fresh air, lack of stress, good sleep habits, and smart food choices (including street food) that kept us healthy – but honestly it probably had more to do with luck.

I do love zombie and apocalyptic virus movies.  My family used to try and pick the place in the world that was best suited to survive the “zombie apocalypse” and strategize what we would do to survive.  It’s admittedly a strange preoccupation but one that is connected real life threats which makes it more intriguing.  I follow the World Health Organization (WHO) and I keep up with the latest standards and international health threats.   I’m thankful for the good work WHO does on behalf of humanity.  Their vigilance and international cooperation allow us to cross borders and explore the world.

Below is a fever scanner from Singapore . I think it’s one of the coolest machines – and the creepy image kinda straddles the line between factual disease prevention and a zombie invasion. Starting this week they’ll be fever scanning all travelers going through Singapore for the MERS virus.



4 thoughts on “World Health, fever screening and… zombies”

    1. Love it! Haven’t been but we did see some places in New Zealand that really stood out. We really thought deep in the Grand Canyon was the only real safe bet in the USA. It always made for fantastic family discussions about the environment we were in.

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