#93 Hike a Volcano in Guatemala : 100 Family Travel Experiences

#93 Hike a Volcano in Guatemala

The city of Antigua, Guatemala is surrounded by 3 beautiful and active Volcanos. For a thrilling experience be sure to hike to the top of Volcano Pacaya. Pacaya erupted as recently as 2010 raining ash on the surrounding cities. It is hot at the top and if you bring marshmallows you can actually roast them over the hot rocks and fire. It is a tough climb. You’ll be offered assistance to get to the top.  You can expect to be followed by eager gentlemen offering you rides on horses and by children renting inexpensive walking sticks. I accepted the horse about half way and have been heckled by by family ever since. (It was worth it!) The climb is not easy but you will be rewarded for your efforts! Bring LOTS of water and snacks for the top. Bring your own marshmallows! Be careful…Volcanos are still dangerous. Fuego, the neighboring Volcano erupted a few days after our hike, causing the evacuation 35,000 residents and shutting down airports as far away as Miami. It was an amazing site to watch from our little house in Antigua.


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