#84 See The Proboscis Monkeys in Borneo: 100 family travel experience

#84 See The Proboscis Monkeys in Borneo:

Proboscis Monkeys are only found on the Island of Borneo. There are two unique ways to encounter wild proboscis monkeys in Borneo. One is by taking a jungle river tour. We had a small little boat with a driver and a guide to help point out the animals.  We  stayed in a nearby jungle lodge. The proboscis monkeys are quite easy to identify with their big noses and come to the river trees to sleep. We saw many family groups. Rainforests are fascinating ecosystems, but fragile and threatened. We felt that it was vital for our children to visit them and learn this firsthand.

You can also visit proboscis monkeys up close at Labuk Bay. Here, wild monkeys are fed several times a day and come in from the jungle canopy. You may also see some Silver Leaf monkeys. These animals are habituated to humans and quite comfortable being close to tourists. They are still wild animals so you can not touch them.  You can get close enough for some crazy and memorable photos. They are beautiful animals and after a trip to Borneo and around the world, I am more determined than ever to be good to our planet.

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2 thoughts on “#84 See The Proboscis Monkeys in Borneo: 100 family travel experience”

  1. You’ve managed to get such lovely photos of the Proboscis monkeys! I saw a few out in the wild in Borneo when we were on a boat as part of a river trip but didn’t have a big enough zoom lens to get pictures as nice as this!

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