Go to a German Theme park – Phantasialand – 100 days of Family Travel Experiences

#83 Go to a German Theme park – Phantasialand
One of the many things we learned from traveling for a year with our kids is it is very important to mix up activities to include things that everyone likes, and not only focus on historical sites or natural wonders.  We asked and encouraged the kids to research places they were interested in visiting and allowed them to help direct our travels. While traveling in Europe, my 10 year old son really wanted to go to a theme park. They discovered  a crazy fun park in Bruhl, Germany called Phantasialand.

At Phantasialand you can stay on site, get treated to an array of buffets (that the kids will love), and enjoy a great day or two at the park.  Phantasialand goes out of it’s way to make guests feel comfortable and have a good time.  It’s a family fun time that my kids welcomed!  After months of hiking through jungles, temples, and cathedrals and visiting museums and historical sites – they were thrilled to eat cotton candy, ride thrill rides, and have silly entertainment.  Sometimes everyone need it.

Phantasialand doesn’t disappoint. The rides are great.  Everything is offered in an English version so you don’t ever have a problem finding your way around.  Although the themes were sometimes a little strange , we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We loved “The Michael Jackson’s Colorado Thrill Ride”,  a roller coaster train ride.  We weren’t sure what it had to do with Michael Jackson or Colorado but it was fun. Winja’s Fear and Force was great, fast, and also pretty scary.  It looked like a pretty tame ride but was surprisingly intense.  It was an indoor roller coaster  with an individual 4 seater car that careened around the building on a choice of winding track.  Pick your path (Fear or Force) and decide which one you like better. Lines were never long and you could easily get on again and again. We  all loved it!

Finally there was the terrifying TALOCAN. Seriously, the scariest ride I’ve seen in years. It’s a mass of upside-down, spinning and fire-spewing chaos to the  sounds of a loud German voice hissing something sinister.  This is a dream ride for the adventurous sort and my kids adored it. I’ve  added a video so you can see what I’m talking about. (My personal video really doesn’t do it justice.)

So if you have a chance to drive through Germany with your kids, and they are refusing to visit another church or castle – you know where to stop. 



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