Get a fish Massage in Bali:

#82 Get a fish Massage in Bali:

There are lots of different styles of massages out there and in Ubud, Bali it isn’t expensive to take some time to relax. Massages are cheap and available everywhere but one of the strangest massage opportunities we saw was the fish massage. A fish massage consists of submerging your feet in a giant tank filled with tiny little fish that eat the dead skin from you feet and lower legs. Your whole family can sit together and laugh as the fish tickle your toes. It’s strange and amusing. Your legs do feel good afterwards and we all had fun. (Be warned it is important you learn about the health standards of this, as there are risks and concerns associated with it).

We had the opportunity to try a natural version of this in Borneo in a local river with larger versions of fish. It was much more intimidating and if a certain type of catfish snuck up it hurt. I’ll stick with typical tank massage with tank filter in the future.



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