Sending your kids abroad without you.

So Laney is off to Greece today. Took her to the airport and the class is off. I’ll be posting photos of her travels but first here is a re-blog of my first thoughts on her going away.


The Wayfaring Family


I just agreed to do it and now I’m jealous. I just signed my daughter up for a two-week “Greece” trip with her high school for next summer. After much begging and pleading (and promising to work towards some of the cost) we agreed to “allow” her to go.  Although in actuality, we could not have been more pleased she wanted to. It is a great trip with enthusiastic teachers and an amazing itinerary. Study abroad is a totally different experience from traveling with your family and something I can’t wait for her to try.  I will, however, admit – I am jealous!


She has been scouring “study abroad” books all semester, almost since the moment we got back from our RTW adventure.  It is funny because she is really the main reason we came back at all. She was determined to have her full high school experience and…

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