#81 Take a Culinary Tour of Lima,Peru: 100 Family Travel Experiences

#81 Take a Culinary Tour of Lima, Peru

Lima is quickly becoming known as one of the top culinary cities in the world. When we only have a short time in a city between stops we look for interesting tours that show us a city and give us a chance to experience it in an “up-close and personal” way. Taking a culinary tour of Lima with The Lima Gourmet Company http://www.limagourmetcompany.com presented us with with an excellent and friendly guide who spent about half a day helping us eating our way through the streets of Lima.

We started by meeting in a local cafe and sipped wonderful lucuma smoothie (lucuma is a delicious butterscotch tasting fruit) while getting to know each other and learning a little about Lima. We drove through Lima getting information along the way and ended up in a beautiful open-air market featuring a wide assortment of fresh fruits and veggies from the typical to the exotic. We tasted many of them. We also saw lots of fresh fish and seafood form the morning’s catch. We then went on to one of the best restaurants in town for a private lesson from the chef and bartender on making ceviche and pisco sours. Then finally we went to another amazing restaurant, la Huaca Pucllana, surrounded by Inca ruins and local cuisine. We sampled several plates and desserts.

If food is the way to ones heart, Lima certainly and her cuisine made our family fall in love. The best thing about culinary tours that they are active and hands on. This day was great for the kids and would be great for anyone!


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