#79 Explore the Sand Dunes outside Dubai: 100 Family Travel Experiences

#79 Ride the Sand Dunes outside Dubai: 100 Family Travel Experiences

Dubai is an exciting city with lots of shopping and luxury. For a fun adventure with the kids, go outside the city into the desert. There are two fun ways to take on the dunes. First is by four-wheeler and the second is by SUV. The four-wheelers are fun because you have so much open desert, the sand dunes are huge and you are driving. Our family raced each other over sand hills and through valleys at thrilling speeds. Tackling the dunes in an SUV is different because you are a passenger. Although the vehicle is familiar the surroundings and experience are not. The drivers deflate the tires before venturing into the sand. Then brace yourself for a wild and bouncy ride! I think I laughed hysterically for a full half hour of extreme riding in the dunes. I’m not sure if it was out of real fear or just fear of being car sick. It’s a fun way to experience the desert and kids will love it!



3 thoughts on “#79 Explore the Sand Dunes outside Dubai: 100 Family Travel Experiences”

    1. On the 4 wheelers – you had to be a certain hight but it wasn’t very tall as my ten year old could do it. They had helmets…they also had two seaters and four seaters that families could use. No restrictions on the cars. You could probably even strap a car seat in if you want…. but fair warning… I felt like we would flip all the time. Little kids would be scared. And there is no way out. They have to go fast to get through the sand so it’s a crazy ride.

      1. Thanks Anne. My five year old is a real dare devil – I think she will enjoy it. Me, on the other hand, I may give it a miss and try the camel ride!

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