Walk on the outside of the Auckland Sky Tower: 100 Family Travel Experiences

Walk on the outside of  the Auckland Sky Tower:

My ten year old is a daredevil. When he saw this opportunity he begged us go. My husband doesn’t like heights but we all said we’d give it a try.  This activity is terrifying and exhilarating!  I felt quite safe (as I triple checked the harness straps) but there is still something that doesn’t seem quite right about leaning off the side of a 192 meter tower! They run you through a series of activities as you make your way around the edge, like walking to the edge or leaning off forwards and backwards .  As we grew more accustomed to the experience of being outside at extreme height, some of us become more brave.  We spent about an hour outside circling the building on a metal grated walkway with no handrails. They take lots of pictures too. In addition to the sky walk you can take the fast route down to the street.  The Sky Tower offers an option to jump off the side and descend to the sidewalk below! Very memorable and kids will love it!!!



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