#75 Visit Cape Town, South Africa: 100 Family Travel Experiences

Cape Town South Africa is a great place for families. Ascend Table Mountain for a great view of the city and oceanfront from above. Jump on a boat tour and view Cape Town from sea level while spotting whales, dolphins and other sea life. Visit Robbins island where Nelson Mandela spent 28 years in captivity. Back on land take a city tour to get an understanding of the layout and history of this interesting place. The Victoria and Albert waterfront provides shopping and dining options.All of this in a city that provides a gateway to the wonders of South Africa. Travel in different directions to cage dive with Great White Sharks, follow the Garden Route and travel through wine country, or enter Kruger National Park and the adjacent properties on a multi-day safari.


3 thoughts on “#75 Visit Cape Town, South Africa: 100 Family Travel Experiences”

  1. You have certainly touched on some great ideas for visiting Cape Town with kids. Just thought I would mention that the City SightSeeing Tour Buses are doing a special offer at the moment – buy 1 adult ticket and you get two free kids tickets. Not a bad deal and you can use the red buses to get you from one attraction to the next.

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