#67 Visit the Musee de Louvre in Paris: 100 Family travel experiences

#67 Visit the Musee de Louvre in Paris

The Louvre is a “must-visit” destination on most itineraries of visitors to Paris, and rightfully so. With over 70,000 pieces of art, the world-famous museum has been open for over 200 years and currently hosts over 8 million visitors a year. Audio guides are available on rented Nintendo units or downloadable to your own smartphone. Guided tours are also available for in-depth opportunities to visit and explore specific artwork of interest. Our kids were most satisfied with a visit to the Mona Lisa and were interested to learn that at one point in time Napoleon had removed the world’s most famous masterpiece from the museum, to hang it in his bedroom! Whether you want to spend an afternoon or three days, the Louvre is a Paris landmark you wot want to miss.


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