#59 Get Confused at Puzzling World, Wanaka #NewZealand: 100 Family #Travel Experiences

You know those places that you just happen upon and they end up being one of the best places ever….that happened when we drove past the weird and wacky signs of puzzling world and just had to stop. We ended up staying the better part of the day there and it was such fun. Life-size optical illusions, giant wooden mazes, and all sorts of puzzles to tease your brain await inside this fun museum/fun house. It’s fun for the whole family and even worth taking time away from New Zealand’s gorgeous scenery to just play.


3 thoughts on “#59 Get Confused at Puzzling World, Wanaka #NewZealand: 100 Family #Travel Experiences”

  1. Anne, I wish I’d kept count of how many of your 100 Family Travel Adventures that we’ve experienced. My guess would be at least half so far! It’s so fun to see the places we’ve been, and get ideas for future adventures.

  2. I’ve made two trips to New Zealand from Japan and I absolutely love it. Got a chance to stay in Wanaka for only 1 night but it was stunning. The lake and the mountains and the crisp NZ air make me want to go back again!

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