#55 Visit Charleston, South Carolina for Southern charm and great cooking: 100 family travel experiences

#55 Visit Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is my suggested “must stop” for people traveling down the coast and looking for the quintessential “American Southern town”. It has everything that makes for a fabulous vacation or a place to just stop and stay awhile. The city itself is vibrant and exciting. It’s got a great art scene, fabulous food, lots of history and fabulous shopping. Walk the streets and you’ll find something new every time you go. Be sure to visit the Historic City. Take a ghost tour and or a carriage ride along the battery to learn about the city’s history.

There are plenty of water sports to be had. Kayaking, paddle boarding, and fishing is everywhere. You can get up close with manatee,dolphin, gators and other wildlife. Catch shark or big game fish. (Catch and release)

Nothing beats Charleston South Carolina for some great food. From classic Southern dishes like fried chicken to She Crab soup and other coastal favorites Charleston has amazing restaurants and local haunts that makes dining a delight. The best part is there are plenty of places that are perfect for families and won’t break the bank.

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