#54 Visit Orangutans in Borneo At Sepilok Rehabilitation center, Sabah, Borneo: 100 Family Travel Experiences

#54 Visit Orangutans in Borneo , Sabah, Borneo

We spent a lot of time in Borneo jungle. Surrounded by Palm oil plantations, I was so saddened by the shrinking natural habitat that was visibly disapearing before our eyes. Even deep in the remote jungle, well off the beaten path, one could hear the sounds of trucks passing on a road as clearly as a cloud leopard roaring in the distance. There isn’t much left for the orangutans and I don’t have much hope that Borneo will be able to preserve the remaining habitat before their time runs out. 

Visiting the jungles of Borneo is an amazing experience. We were able to do a homestay there. It is a great way to learn about local cooking and dance. We took long walks and boat rides through the jungle and got up close with the wildlife. We visited an orangutan “rehabilitation” center that give you an amazing glimpse at these marvelous animals. I put “rehabilitation” in quotes as I question the real rehabilitation of the animals. They are fed daily and never really return to the wild.  THhis is in part because the remaining habitat is so scarce, there is now nowhere left to return. It is more of a tourist center than anything else – but still an experience I will never forget.

I wonder about the fate of the orangutan. Of all the places in the world we visited I felt like their habitat was the most severely threatened. 

If you feel like you want to help there is an organization committed to them below.


One thought on “#54 Visit Orangutans in Borneo At Sepilok Rehabilitation center, Sabah, Borneo: 100 Family Travel Experiences”

  1. I went to Sepilok early last year and fell in love with the orangutans – such incredible creatures and I hope so much that even more can be done towards conservation for them! Love these adorable pics 🙂

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