#48 Eat in Singapore’s hawker centers: 100 Family Travel Experiences


Traveling for a year, I often wondered if my kids would adjust to the wide variety of foods they would experience. I have one kid who loves and will try everything and anything and another who generally limits his diet to noodles or rice. Generally, my kids adjusted really well to all the different foods thrown at them. They’ve tried everything from grubs to gourmet.

It was truly a pleasure to get to Singapore and find streets and plazas filled with choices. A beautiful aromatic blend of Malay, Indian, Chinese, and Western smells. You’ll find a similar blend of faces in the crowds of people gathered each day to eat. Pick a food and try to find a place to sit. My kids had a few favorite places they insisted revisit but what I loved was that everyone could get something different. It was like a food festival everyday.

It would take hours to go through every dish available and pointless to recommend a place as I honestly believe the fun is in the exploration and choosing.

As with any place when traveling, caution with food is important. As a rule I suggest one avoid anything that can’t be peeled(as in fruit or vegetables) or cooked thoroughly. As much as I love salads I’ve seen more travelers go down with a bad stomach because of leafy vegetables that can’t be peeled.

Nonetheless, I’m pretty adventurous and there are plenty of interesting foods to try. I loved the steaming pots, the satay, and fried carrot cake. Be sure to try a durian.

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