#46 Visit the Dingos of Fraser Island: 100 Family Experiences

Fraser Island is a must visit when traveling to Australia. Wild Dingos roam the island and you are sure to see several families within close proximity. Just remember that they aren’t friendly. The Island is beautiful and every stop was completely different. We did a guided tour which is typically not our thing but it was great to see everything the Island provided and after seeing the number of people stuck in the sand in their own cars I was really happy we had the super bus. A two day tour gets you all over the Island to explore the many amazing ecosystems and areas it has to offer.

The ruins of the old Maheno shipwreck provided a picturesque photo op along the 75 mile beach. There were lots of places to go with amazing cliff views to look down at the water and see all the fish. We met lots of new friends wading in the tidal pools and getting crashed amongst the waves , swimming in lake Wobby, hiking through the rainforest, tubing,  running down giant sand dunes and laughing on the bus. It’s a tour worth taking.

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