#45 Feed the Electric Eels in the Peruvian, Amazon. #100 Family Travel Experiences

I’ve seen a lot of weird and wonderful things in the world but one of the strangest and most amazing experiences I ever had was a day hike into the Amazon Rainforest to feed electric eels.  We first had to go fishing into a “pond” filled with caiman, snakes and more birds than I have ever seen. We were lucky enough to see a pair of the elusive and prehistoric looking hoatzin bird. We caught several small fish, ate some lunch and then hiked inland until we came to what amounted to little more than a hole in the ground that looked like a mud puddle.  We tied our fish to some sticks and line and were told to lay them along the edge. The fish were still alive and flapped…. but quickly a huge, slimed, giant eel came out grabbed a hold of it. There was a strange shocking sound and the fish and eel splashed around. Then things quieted down as the dead fish floated up and the eel began to eat it. Our guide explained that the eel had used it’s electricity to shock the fish and then it begins to eat. It was by far the weirdest thing I had ever seen. They just came out of the ground and looked like gigantic earthworms. The sounds they make when shocking the fish is both disturbing and bizarre.

My kids fed them about 8 fish and we had a great time. I don’t think you can get that kind of experience anywhere else in the world but by actually going to the rainforest. It is the kind of thing that one has to experience by being there to really comprehend how truly strange it is. No zoo or sanctuary  could ever truly replicate this experience. It is one of kind. Check it out with your family. I promise they’ll be amazed.

IMG_1456 IMG_1465 IMG_1415 IMG_1494 IMG_1464

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