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10 Signs You Married a Kentuckian

1. You know the words to “My Old Kentucky Home”.

2. You have a large collection of Maker’s Mark bottles on a shelf in your house as decor.

3. You were given the “honorary status” as a Kentucky Colonel  as a Christmas gift and have your certification framed and hung in your office.

4. You can make a Derby pie and Mint Julep without a recipe.

5. You have given up allegiance to all other teams and know that the Kentucky Wildcats are the Greatest Team in College Basketball History.  As evidence, you have the current Kentucky Wildcats basketball team poster up somewhere in your house- and you know the names of at least five players.

6. You know how to make a homemade mornay cheese sauce for a Hot Brown. Even though it will never be like his Mom’s.

7. At least a third of your wardrobe is blue  (or red if from Louisville) even if neither of you ever went to the  University.

8. You are a competent handicapper and know the difference between a Daily Double, Pick Three, Exacta Box, Superfecta, and Part Wheel.

9. You’ve tried Burgoo and you always say it’s great.

10. You know exactly what happens on the first Saturday in May and don’t need to Google it.