Disclosure and Editorial Policy for The Wayfaring Family

The Wayfaring Family is dedicated to providing inspirational and honest insights and recommendations to our readers through our blog and various social media.  We are a family of travelers that try and adhere to the Indie Traveler manifesto.  We gain joy and knowledge through our travels and hope to share both with those interested in receiving.

The Wayfaring Family may, from time to time, be invited to review a property or product or to evaluate or recommend a travel service that we use.  We are committed to sharing our experiences with our readers and viewers.  If we obtain those experiences through sponsorships, invitations or gifts – you can still expect our honest insights. Moreover, we may take trips that are sponsored by a travel company, airline, hotel tourist attraction, destination or product.  Again, you can expect our honest evaluation and a disclosure of sponsorship.  We understand that to be credible, we must be truthful – and our credibility to our trusting readers and viewers is always our highest priority.

Thank you,

Anne Helmers and The Wayfaring Family



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