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#61 Visit the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur: 100 Family Travel Experiences

The Petronas Towers are an amazing site. They are an impressive 452 meters high and once held the tallest building record for six years. We really enjoyed visiting downtown Kuala Lumpur. The food was delicious, the shopping was amazing and there was a fabulous discovery museum by Petronas inside the towers that the kids loved. They are absolutely worth a visit!


#62 Catch a Moonbow, Cumberland Falls, Kentucky: 100 Family Travel Experiences

#62 Catch a Moonbow, Cumberland Fall, Kentucky

It’s a full moon in Kentucky tonight. If you go just up the road to visit Cumberland Falls you might be lucky enough to see the only “Moonbow” in the western hemisphere. The only other true lunar rainbow can be found at Victoria Falls in Zambia, Africa. Great hiking, fishing, and camping can be found all around in this State Park but the Moonbow can only be seen a few days a month during the full moon.

I am not a skilled enough photographer to catch a great picture to here are some beautiful ones courtesy of the State Parks.



#63 Meet the Karen Longneck Tribe, Thailand: 100 Family Travel Experiences

#63 Meet the Karen Longneck Tribe, Thailand:

The People of The Karen Longneck Hill Tribe have a long history. They left Burma to escape the conflict there. They have refuge and safety in Thailand and have found trade among the tourism industry here. A visit to their tourism market or the village might feel like you are experiencing a human zoo. Walking through stands and staring at the expanding necks supported by rings. Even some of the children wear them. Although these people have been removed from what was a normal way of life in Burma they have found a new way of life in Thailand. Although controversy surrounds the neck rings and the tourism trade I found it incredibly interesting to visit. The women were lovely to talk to. The crafts were beautiful and our family discussed many of the issues that surrounded the village before and after our visit. It was an experience I’ll never forget.

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#64 Visit FC Barcelona At Cmp Nou: 100 Family Travel Experiences

Watching an FC Barcelona game was at the top of my son’s bucket list. We had ordered tickets in advance once we realized our visit to town coincided with a home game.  We were hopeful that we would get to see Lionel Messi play. What I was unprepared for was the amazing tour that you can take of Camp Nou – the FC Barca stadium. The “Camp Nou Experience Tour and Museum” is a fascinating history of the football club and plenty of up close and personal moments to thrill a football fan. We loved walking through the orange hallway like the players do before a match and getting right down to the field where the players sit.  It’s a brilliant tour and one that doesn’t disappoint!

Our day was topped off with a big Barca win and two goals by Messi – who also doesn’t disappoint!

As they say… FC Barcelona – mes que en club!



#66 Visit and Volunteer in a Children’s Home in Guatemala: 100 Family Travel Experiences

#66 Visit a Children’s Home in Guatemala, Volunteer:

There is a children’s home in the center of Guatemala City that is doing fantastic work. Hope for Tomorrow offers a real home environment for the abandoned and orphaned children of Guatemala. Home to about 17 children, Hope for Tomorrow provides for the physical, educational, medical, psychological, nutritional and spiritual needs of each child and is also now opening the doors to a new preschool program.  The preschool will offer more needed services to the community. Hope is truly a home and the people living and working there are a family.  After our family visited the home it became a place very close to our hearts. Meeting the children and spending time with them makes you willing to undertake every effort on their behalf. It also makes you appreciate the family you have and mourn the families that these children have lost. Hope offers a wonderful environment in which to grow up.   The home works with the government to assist the children in returning with their families or placing them with new adoptive families. Taking time as a family to work with these children, and the fabulous people who have dedicated their lives to them, is a rewarding experience that makes you want do more.

Visit Hope for Tomorrow’s page and see the important work they are doing.

#67 Visit the Musee de Louvre in Paris: 100 Family travel experiences

#67 Visit the Musee de Louvre in Paris

The Louvre is a “must-visit” destination on most itineraries of visitors to Paris, and rightfully so. With over 70,000 pieces of art, the world-famous museum has been open for over 200 years and currently hosts over 8 million visitors a year. Audio guides are available on rented Nintendo units or downloadable to your own smartphone. Guided tours are also available for in-depth opportunities to visit and explore specific artwork of interest. Our kids were most satisfied with a visit to the Mona Lisa and were interested to learn that at one point in time Napoleon had removed the world’s most famous masterpiece from the museum, to hang it in his bedroom! Whether you want to spend an afternoon or three days, the Louvre is a Paris landmark you wot want to miss.


#68 Visit a School in Fiji: 100 Family Travel Experiences

#68 Visit a School in Fiji:

When you think of Fiji you probably picture the beautiful beaches and fabulous coral reefs. The diving and beaches are amazing and definitely what draws visitors to Fiji. One of our family’s favorite experiences while visiting the Yasawa Island’s was taking a tour of a local school and meeting the children. Dressed in purple uniforms the children shared music and dances with us and gave us a tour of the school. It doesn’t take long for kids to bond and friendships to be made. The children of Fiji are learning english and were happy to try it out with their new friends. Visiting schools in a different country is always a fascinating glimpse into daily life of a different culture.

#70 Visit Arches National Park, Utah: 100 Family Travel Experiences

#71 Visit Arches National Park, Utah

“It looks like were on the moon” That’s the first words my son said when he looked out to see the red rocks that surrounded us on our way to Arches National Park. You really can’t imagine how unique the landscape is from anywhere else in the USA until you see it. Arches National Park is home to over 2000 natural stone arches and and hundreds of stone pinnacles. It is breathtaking. Take lots of water, go for a drive and hike the trails. It’s a red rock wonderland.


#71 Learn to Surf in Agnes Water, Australia: 100 Family Travel Adventures

#72 Learn to Surf in Agnes Water, Australia

While driving up the eastern coast  of Australia, we discovered the most beautiful little towns of Agnes Water and 1770. These small little towns are fantastic stops to take in the Australia coastline and just stay a few days. The beach was close to erfect.  The water was a perfect swimming temperature. There were no crowds. No stingers. and a perfect small break for beginning surfers.  There were beautiful views and both towns offered lots of history for the rare moments we left the beach.

The local surf school was fabulous and had both kids learning to surf really quickly. They were both standing up on their boards on the first day!

We stayed right on the beach in a raised tent (chalet) in Agnes Water.  It was like an african safari tent with A/C, TV, ensuite bathroom and room for four.  It was an ideal setting for several days on the beach in small town Australia.




#72 Scuba Dive off the Shores of Beautiful Bonaire :100 Family Travel Experiences

#72 Scuba Dive of the Shores of Beautiful Bonaire

Scuba diving is such a great family activity. Bonaire is one the most beautiful and accessible diving communities in the world. Shore diving is the way to go here. Rent a truck, pick your dive center, load your gear and map, and away you go! There are dozens of dive sites alone the western coast of the island – all marked as part of the National Marine Park system. The water is clear, the coral is healthy, and the marine life is abundant. If you feel better with dive-master and guides there are plenty of guided dives and boat dives available too. Bonaire is a diver’s paradise. Take the plunge!