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#95 Visit a Temple in Bali: 100 Family Travel Experiences


A Pura is a Balinese Hindu temple and the place of worship for the people of Bali who practice Balinese Hinduism in Indonesia. Balinese Hinduism is a unique blend of Hinduism with local animism and incorporation of Buddhist saints. Visiting Bali is like gaining a glimpse into a secret world. The people of Bali spend a portion of each day making and delivering offerings. These small and beautiful arrangements, primarily made of flowers, are everywhere. A visit to a temple in Bali gives you an opportunity to see hundreds, if not thousands, of these beautiful gifts of thanks. Your family will never forget a visit to Bali.

Most Magical Place on our RTW trip?

We received a question from Fun Things @funthingsapp on Twitter asking us, what was the “most magical place” on our ’round the world adventure?  What a great question!

With our family, as with any family, you get four very different answers to most questions you pose. To this question my son and husband would both answer New Zealand. My husband will tell you because of it’s breathtaking beauty. We actually had to pull over in our campervan to admire the view at times or we were sure to run off the road.

My son will say New Zealand for a totally different reason. New Zealand is an eleven year old adrenaline junkie’s dream.  He was able to walk outside skyscrapers, roll down hills in giant inflated balls, jump off cliffs  and freefall 60 meters, luge down mountains and jet boat through Lord of the Rings country.  He visited with the indigenous Maori people and learned some of their customs, including the traditional haka.  There were dolphins and whales, kayaks, geysers, glaciers and hobbits. For him it was a massive island playground. Forget Disney.

My daughter would say Africa. She loved it. It was indulgent in the gift of life.  Animals are everywhere and they are the kind you dream about.  Lions, leopards, giraffe, zebras.  We awoke one night to find our tent surrounded by hippos grazing just a few feet from us. The people were wonderful, exhuberant and kind. The beauty was abundant. I remember being in awe of  fluorescent sunsets behind slowly moving silhouettes of a foraging herd of elephants. I find it hard not to agree with her.

For me, the answer is difficult. I’m torn. If I can differentiate between land and water (I’m a diver and underwater….well, that is a whole different post!)  then I will say Bali. I was struck while walking through the small streets in Amed and Ubud by the beautiful Hindu temples and private garden temples at each home. I felt like I had walked into a secret world. I loved seeing the flower offerings set each day or visiting a ceremony with elaborate costumes and mystical music. Bali is a magical place because life is lived on a different schedule there. Each action, each person, and each event is honored. Taking time to appreciate life is a conscious practice in Bali and in such a beautiful environment one can’t help but become enchanted.

Thanks for your question!!!

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