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The Wayfaring Family’s 2014 Traveler’s Gift Guide #Travel #Christmasgifts2014

Do you have a traveler friend or family member you are looking to buy for. Travelers don’t really need much. They like practical gifts or things that support their travels. Here is my list of my favorite finds of 2014 for travelers. Whenever possible buy local but these are the few exceptions that I think make the cut. 


Travel ornaments- I collect these from every place I go. When I’m not traveling I look for ones that have maps or the earth or local ones.


Life Straw Portable Water Filter : A quick and easy way to safely get clear and clean drinking water. What traveler doesn’t need that. Great for camping and backpacking.

710G243rXVL._SL1500_Go Girl Female Urination device: You might think this is a gag gift. But at some point this little baby will come in handy whether it is a disgusting porta potty or on the banks of a river find out how handy it is to pee standing up.


The Not For Parents Travel Book -Lonely Planet

The perfect travel book to Inspire Travel in Children. I Love this book. But the whole series is amazing.  Checkout the cities editions and the USA Edition.

warmsocks Smartwool Socks. Socks? Really? Ask any traveller what their best investment is and they’ll tell you it’s good socks and shoes. Get me a few nice pairs of smartwool socks, a candle and a book and I’m in heaven. http://www.smartwool.com

waboba_world_ball2 Waboba Ball; Every traveler needs to have some fun. I always have my kids with me. These are great at the beach. They skip waves, bounce and are tons of fun. Small enough to pack and dry quickly. We played with it for hours.


Hobo Roll: I have been a lover of compression bags and compartment bags for a long time and always recommend them to anyone taking a trip but the Hobo Roll is my favorite gift for travelers. Combining the best of compression, and compartment bags into one brilliant sack that can be independently carried or stuffed into another bag or attached to a backpack …there is no limit to how helpful this is. I find especially useful for those one night stays that you need a little bit of everything but not your whole bag….keep all essentials in the hoboroll and everything else in the backpack. It’s a must have now! The first edition is sold out but get on board the kickstarter campaign and get the second edition.


a3096236832_2 The Holland’s Music Or Cookbook : Travelers support travelers. I met a wonderful traveling family via my blog. 2014 brought us together for music, friendship and family fun. This amazing traveling family has been on the road for 3 years living together in a bis and making beautiful music. Check out their website, buy their music, buy their cookbook or just send them a donation. http://www.thehollands.org/#!discography/ckwy http://www.blurb.com/b/583706-the-apron-strings PonoMusicHub PONO:  If Neil Young made it you know it’s good. I’m a music lover. Travel for me often revolves around festivals or shows.If you have a music lover in your life and be sure to check out PONO. You have to hear it to understand the difference…or maybe you just want to listen to testimonials from everyone in the music world you respect. Check out the Kickstarter Campaign video for all you ever wanted to know… https://ponomusic.force.com   Ticket-Stub-Diaries1-630x366-1Travel Stub Diary: Every traveler has a different way of keeping track of the stuff they collect on the road. This little diary is a neat way to make a scrapbook out of one’s travels. UnknownSwell Water Bottle: Just An awesome water bottle. Keeps water cold for 24 hours. Seriously good!


Vagabonding by Rolf Potts: The book that started it all for my family. Give this to anyone who has ever dreamed about traveling the world. It will change their life.

The gift of Travel- Thank you Honey for the best gift ever!!!!!

photoIt was our first Christmas home after two years of having Christmas’s on the road. Even though our time on the road had taught us to be more frugal and buy less we still found an awful lot of stuff under the tree on Christmas morning. Everyone was all smiles but there were shrieks of joy and surprise when we opened the huge surprise gift my awesome hubby gave us.

The gift was wrapped the same. There was one for each of us. We were told to open them at the same time. The kids managed to rip them open first and I knew it was something big. I saw the black book first. It was a cover for our well worn dive logs that we used on our recent Round the World adventure. When I opened it, out fell a paper detailing a trip booked for Spring Break to Bonaire, the shore diving capital of the world.  Each of had a different Bonaire guide book or dive information. It was amazing.

I have never been surprised with a vacation before and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I was getting so antsy to travel that I found myself constantly planning hypothetical trips. After a year on the road we had returned to the hustle and bustle of our Kentucky lives. School, sports, and family commitments now dominated our free time and we found making the time to travel abroad getting harder and harder.

We learned from the “Big trip” that in order to make it happen  you really just have to commit to the trip  and make it a priority. The other commitments will work out. Sometimes it is nice to have someone do that organizing for you!  What a gift! Thank you David for making the commitment for us. We are all thrilled!!!

Diving is our family’s passion. We did over 25 dives on our Round the World trip. (Read my post at 72andrising to learn about why we love diving with our kids!  http://72andrising.com/scuba-diving-best-family-sport-round-world-adventure/  )   Bonaire has some of the best shore diving in the world. Meaning one can rent a truck, drive to a dive site and go in right from the beach. No boats or guides needed. I can’t wait. I’m excited and ready for advice and suggestions from all who have traveled there!!!

In the mean time, I’ll be posting from the South as I’ll probably hit several southern states before we leave!!!  Merry Christmas!!