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#66 Visit and Volunteer in a Children’s Home in Guatemala: 100 Family Travel Experiences

#66 Visit a Children’s Home in Guatemala, Volunteer:

There is a children’s home in the center of Guatemala City that is doing fantastic work. Hope for Tomorrow offers a real home environment for the abandoned and orphaned children of Guatemala. Home to about 17 children, Hope for Tomorrow provides for the physical, educational, medical, psychological, nutritional and spiritual needs of each child and is also now opening the doors to a new preschool program.  The preschool will offer more needed services to the community. Hope is truly a home and the people living and working there are a family.  After our family visited the home it became a place very close to our hearts. Meeting the children and spending time with them makes you willing to undertake every effort on their behalf. It also makes you appreciate the family you have and mourn the families that these children have lost. Hope offers a wonderful environment in which to grow up.   The home works with the government to assist the children in returning with their families or placing them with new adoptive families. Taking time as a family to work with these children, and the fabulous people who have dedicated their lives to them, is a rewarding experience that makes you want do more.

Visit Hope for Tomorrow’s page and see the important work they are doing.

#91 Visit a coffee farm Guatemala: 100 Family Travel Experiences

#91 Visit a Coffee Farm in Guatemala

Any opportunity to learn how something is made is a great experience for a family. It always amazes and delights to learn the process from start to finish and somehow it makes you appreciate the products a little more. My kids feel that way about Guatemalan coffee. Taking a tour of Finca Filadelfia coffee farm is a day of fun and education. We started with an amazing zip line through the Guatemalan tree canopy. It was Fast paced and loaded with gorgeous views.

My kids were not sure they were going to like the coffee tour but they were mesmerized once it started. Coffee in Guatemala is grown on the volcanic soil and grafted from two different plants. The process is fascinating. You can see is drying in the sun and watch the hand sorting. Taste testing at the end is just as fun as the coffee is some of the best in the world. We bulk order it so we can enjoy it at home now!
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#93 Hike a Volcano in Guatemala : 100 Family Travel Experiences

#93 Hike a Volcano in Guatemala

The city of Antigua, Guatemala is surrounded by 3 beautiful and active Volcanos. For a thrilling experience be sure to hike to the top of Volcano Pacaya. Pacaya erupted as recently as 2010 raining ash on the surrounding cities. It is hot at the top and if you bring marshmallows you can actually roast them over the hot rocks and fire. It is a tough climb. You’ll be offered assistance to get to the top.  You can expect to be followed by eager gentlemen offering you rides on horses and by children renting inexpensive walking sticks. I accepted the horse about half way and have been heckled by by family ever since. (It was worth it!) The climb is not easy but you will be rewarded for your efforts! Bring LOTS of water and snacks for the top. Bring your own marshmallows! Be careful…Volcanos are still dangerous. Fuego, the neighboring Volcano erupted a few days after our hike, causing the evacuation 35,000 residents and shutting down airports as far away as Miami. It was an amazing site to watch from our little house in Antigua.


Hope for Tomorrow: Guatemala

Please take 3 minutes to watch this video about a place in Guatemala started by friends here in Kentucky that is very close to my heart. We visited the children here and can tell you that they do amazing things and make a real home for these children.

If you can help please share the video, visit, donate or send prayers for the children and the wonderful people who do so much to make the world a better place.

This is more than a house. It’s hope. See why in 3 minutes.
Hope for Tomorrow

Antigua, Guatemala at Easter

Guat easter 1
Holy week is a very special time in Antigua, Guatemala. If you are lucky enough to be there to catch the celebration you are in for something extraordinary.

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If you are visiting and need a guide we have a great friend and local guide to recommend. https://www.facebook.com/tours.testimonials?fref=photo

Hope for Tomorrow

ImageUpon arriving in Guatemala, our first international stop, we first stopped by Hope for Tomorrow Children’s Home to drop off a bag of musical instruments and art supplies donated by aLexington based charity Hearts for Arts.  This wonderful children’s home located in Guatemala City, became a place we visited several times during our month long stay in Guatemala. 

If you are looking for a worthwhile cause or just want to see what a great charity is doing please see their newsletter below or visit their Facebook, twitter or website. For our family Hope for Tomorrow became one way to connect real the  people with the place we were living and a way to continue to keep in touch. 


Hope For Tomorrow


Hope For Tomorrow Children’s Home is a ministry based in Guatemala City that is providing a nurturing home for orphaned and abandoned Guatemalan children.

Guatemala · hope4tomorrow.net