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A simple Guide to Jazz Fest.

A simple Guide to Jazz Fest .


Here is a simple guide to packing for a wonderful JazzFest.

• Pack light. You don’t need much. A few light clothes and a rain jacket.
• Comfortable shoes that you don’t mind getting muddy. Keens or sneakers are great. You walk a lot.
• Tickets. Pick your days. Do it your way. There is no right way to enjoy the festival.
• Smart phone w the Official Jazzfest App – Gives the grids and schedules, maps and updates.
• Sunscreen. It’s HOT and sunny in Louisiana!
• You need a Hat!!
• Sunglasses
• A light waterproof backpack, and a plastic bag for your phone
• A folding chair…We use a little tripod seat. If you bring a blanket it will likely get stepped on.
• Wipes, hand sanitizer and bandaids
• An appetite. You’ll get some of the best of New Orleans at the fairgrounds.
• Cash- You will want some money for food, drinks and souvenirs.  Bring a couple hundred dollars – preferably in smaller denominations.

I’ll be just take my Osprey backpack as a carry-on and using my Gobigear Hobo-roll as a daypack.