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March Madness Kentucky Style: Visit Lexington

March Madness Kentucky Style

It’s March Madness – that’s college basketball season to the rest of the world – and there is no place in the world better for lovers of college basketball than Lexington, Kentucky!   Kentucky fans “bleed blue” and Lexington, home of The University of Kentucky (and this year’s unbeaten 36-0 Kentucky Wildcats), is the perfect place to celebrate the college basketball season. This time of year you can’t turn around in town without seeing “Big Blue” and “Cats” specials everywhere.

So here is your guide for the best places to gear up, eat up, drink up, and soak up some Kentucky Big Blue Madness!!! 

  1. Head to North Limestone Donuts and get a donut.  You’ll find it at 575 N. Limestone St.  Try the Maple Bacon or the Long John Calipari.  Just because.  If donuts aren’t your thing, then enjoy the best coffee and company you’ve ever had at Third St. Stuff at 257 N. Limestone. This funky hangout is full of friendly people and there will surely be a wildcat special on the menu.
  1. Get your Kentucky Gear. Personally I always like to shop local and my favorite little shop is High St. Fly at 887 E High St.  It’s got great Unique Kentucky T-shirts and gear that nobody else has! Walk across the street and visit The Morris Book Shop (“MoBoSho”) for their knowledgeable friendly staff and all kinds of books including an entire section of Kentucky books. WHile there be sure to pick up the latest copy of our local STORY Magazine.  This well made publication will entertain and inform you.  Every edition is a great read. Get a copy of this year’s Kentucky Basketball Yearbook to be sure you have all your information about each player on the Kentucky roster. The Cat’s Paws is a local paper dedicated to information just about the wildcats.
  1.  Take a Tour of The Joe Craft Center: (If you can arrange for one.) This 30 million dollar facility is the practice and training home for the University of Kentucky Men’s and Women’s basketball teams.  It is really something to see. You generally have to get somebody local and “in the know” to arrange this but if you have a connection – get ready to be amazed.  You will see how the basketball players experience life at UK as student-athletes, and if you are very lucky, you might get a peek into the office of the top cat, John Calipari.  Alternatively, you can take a tour of the University of Kentucky and it’s beautiful campus.  You won’t be disappointed
  1. Rupp Arena: Get your picture taken on the original floor of Rupp Arena. If you pull into the Hyatt Hotel valet parking you can run inside the front revolving doors of Rupp Arena and Lexington Convention Center.  Just beyond the box office is the original floor of Rupp Arena. This is a great photo opportunity for anyone wanting their picture next to the Rupp Floor. You can’t actually get into the arena when there isn’t an event scheduled – but this is close.
  1. Have lunch at The Square. Right across from Rupp Arena you can enjoy lots of downtown eateries. You’ll be in the heart of Lexington which provides lots of downtown shopping for wildcat fans! My favorites are Pies and Pints, Saul Good (get the chicken and waffles) and Shakespere and Co. (Try their flowering tea and crepes! ). For the largest piece of pizza you have ever had, head around the corner to N. Mill St. to Goodfellas Pizza.
  1. Settle in to Watch the Game. Kentucky Basketball consumes this town. So where are you going to watch it? Don’t watch the game alone in your hotel room. If you are lucky enough to be in town for a home game try to get tickets. if you aren’t able to (every game sells out) watching with a crowd of fellow fans is always easy. If you are younger, you might head to The Tin Roof (303 S. Limestone) or Two Keys Tavern (333 S.Limestone).  Less rowdy fans might want to check out the Kentucky Theater (214 E Main St.) which shows games free of charge on the Big Screen.

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Kentucky basketball fans are dedicated!

If you have ever been to Lexington, Kentucky you know they are serious about their basketball. How serious?!

This video shows the appropriately named “tent city” that forms each September around the University where fans camp for at least three days before the release of tickets to the first University of Kentucky basketball open practice called midnight madness! Yes- you read that correctly – practice! Not game! It’s more of a show these days than an actual practice but none the less wildcat fans are dedicated!


It’s Derby week in the Bluegrass: #Bucketlist


I live in Kentucky. When we took our big trip last year no matter where we were people knew Kentucky for one of two things:

1. Kentucky Fried Chicken


2. The Kentucky Derby.

Living in the heart of the Bluegrass State we live and breath this beautiful horse country. Horse racing is part of our culture here. It’s in the fashion, the architecture and, literally, in the grass. (It is said our limestone base helps grow strong horses). So, it’s no wonder that almost everything stops this week to focus on the Derby.

If you live in Louisville, things literally stop. The schools shut down for celebrations. There is a week full of activities that will amaze.  Air shows, fireworks, concerts, road races, hot air balloons and, of course,  horse racing. Parties, celebrities and mint juleps are everywhere. Enjoy the finest bourbon and buy (or make) a Derby hat.

All the hype and celebration comes down to next Saturday and the Derby itself – the greatest two minutes in sport. The whole world will watch the race.  Stars,  political figures, sports heros, industry giants and regular folk  come together and pack the grandstand, the clubhouse, the suites, and the infield.  Millions more watch from their living rooms at parties big and small.  Attending in person is definitely a bucket list item. But if you decide to make the trip – don’t come for the day, come for the week. Enjoy the whole scene. Take in the glory of Kentucky culture at it’s finest.  Horses, bourbon, southern food and southern hospitality.  Kentucky is showing off during Derby week and it sure is fun.

Personally, I love Kentucky any time of year. I suggest you also visit and see it when it is a bit less crowded, Tour some horse farms, travel the Bourbon Trail and visit a few bourbon distilleries, go hiking through our beautiful countryside, and listen to some Bluegrass music.  But the Kentucky Derby is one of those things that is an amazing experience. So come to the Derby. Check it off your Bucketlist! And get some Kentucky Fried Chicken here while your at it!




10 Signs You Married a Kentuckian

1. You know the words to “My Old Kentucky Home”.

2. You have a large collection of Maker’s Mark bottles on a shelf in your house as decor.

3. You were given the “honorary status” as a Kentucky Colonel  as a Christmas gift and have your certification framed and hung in your office.

4. You can make a Derby pie and Mint Julep without a recipe.

5. You have given up allegiance to all other teams and know that the Kentucky Wildcats are the Greatest Team in College Basketball History.  As evidence, you have the current Kentucky Wildcats basketball team poster up somewhere in your house- and you know the names of at least five players.

6. You know how to make a homemade mornay cheese sauce for a Hot Brown. Even though it will never be like his Mom’s.

7. At least a third of your wardrobe is blue  (or red if from Louisville) even if neither of you ever went to the  University.

8. You are a competent handicapper and know the difference between a Daily Double, Pick Three, Exacta Box, Superfecta, and Part Wheel.

9. You’ve tried Burgoo and you always say it’s great.

10. You know exactly what happens on the first Saturday in May and don’t need to Google it.

Appreciating Home.

Lexington, Kentucky, USA

One of the great things about traveling around the world is appreciating home when you return. After spending a year on the road, there are so many things you realize you took for granted while away.  So I thought I’d write a post today of some of the things I love about Lexington, KY:

  1. Unbelievable food! We have so many food choices.  Great local restaurants and more restaurant chains than you can count. Not to mention that we have an abundance of local markets and access to every major grocery chain from organic to luxury to discount to wholesale. Any food and any way that you like your food you can get it here. We have some great ethnic restaurants, and I challenge any town to rival our doughnuts.
  2. Easy Access WIFI and cell-phone coverage. We have come to depend on it we take it for granted in the US but anyone who has traveled knows that at times finding reliable wifi can be tough. Here at home it is a non-issue.  WIFI/4G is a blessing and I love having it!
  3. Amazing art: Lexington is full of fabulous art. We traveled the world and visited some world-class museums, but it was the city’s public art that was always the most striking and memorable. Lexington is home to some amazing public art and murals. Lexington is currently part of a cool mural project (PRHBTN) We currently have a Bourbon Barrel project on display that highlights dozens of local artists and our Horse Mania project can still be seen around town. Art is appreciated in Lexington and generally valued by the community.  Out trip made me more appreciative of our art scene.
  4. Gorgeous Fall Foliage and our tree-lined roads. Driving in Kentucky in the Fall is stunning. It was literally raining red and yellow leaves the other day. We missed Autumn last year as we opted for an “endless summer” year of following the sun.  Experiencing the seasonal change this year I realized how much I missed this time of year. It is truly beautiful.
  5. Basketball. I missed it. We are in Kentucky. It is basketball season. I tried to appreciate Rugby. It was fun but it doesn’t hold a candle to college basketball – especially in the Bluegrass.  Go CATS!
  6. And I love our “new” slogan Kentucky kicks Ass. Visit Kentucky for Kentucky to learn more cool stuff about our home.