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#47 Visit Amsterdam’s Amazing Nemo Science Center: 100 family travel experiences


Amsterdam is an amazing city. Easy to get around whether by foot, bike, taxi or water. There is plenty to do and sometimes it’s hard to decide to take time to go see another science museum when there are so many good ones at home. It is my recommendation that you take time to see Nemo. You can’t miss the Nemo building. It looks like a giant green ship in the harbor.  Once inside, every exhibit is hands on and fascinating. They even have a laboratory where kids can sign up to do there own experiments.  Kids will want to spend hours exploring each floor.

One of the most fascinating and unique exhibits in Nemo is their Teen Facts section. The Netherlands has a very different and open view of sexuality and Amsterdam is a town in which prostitution is legal. It’s not surprising that the science museum takes an open and active approach to addressing the body, puberty and sexuality at their science museum. To American’s it may come as a shock to visit the “teen peep show” where kids over 13 are given coins to watch videos of other children discussing sex, first experiences and answering questions.  You’ll find art figurines posed in sexual positions and even a manual french kiss machine. Where this is shocking to most Americans it is all part of good communication in the Netherlands.  If you are taking your kids to Amsterdam it’s probably a great idea to have these discussions as prostitution  is a part of the city of Amsterdam’s history and probably will bring up some questions anyway. I found we couldn’t visit several of the sites without passing side streets with women in the windows.





#64 Visit FC Barcelona At Cmp Nou: 100 Family Travel Experiences

Watching an FC Barcelona game was at the top of my son’s bucket list. We had ordered tickets in advance once we realized our visit to town coincided with a home game.  We were hopeful that we would get to see Lionel Messi play. What I was unprepared for was the amazing tour that you can take of Camp Nou – the FC Barca stadium. The “Camp Nou Experience Tour and Museum” is a fascinating history of the football club and plenty of up close and personal moments to thrill a football fan. We loved walking through the orange hallway like the players do before a match and getting right down to the field where the players sit.  It’s a brilliant tour and one that doesn’t disappoint!

Our day was topped off with a big Barca win and two goals by Messi – who also doesn’t disappoint!

As they say… FC Barcelona – mes que en club!



#86: Visit the Railway Market in Thailand: 100 Family Travel Experiences

#86: Visit the Railway Market in Thailand:
One of the most amazing markets I have seen was the daily market that is set up on the train tracks just outside of Bangkok in Maeklong. Our family was in awe of the efficiency in which this elaborate fish and fresh food market was set up and put back at each passing train. People wandered down the tracks shopping amongst the vendors but just before the train appears each market folds back or slides away to allow the train to pass and unload. As soon as it passes the market immediately emerges back into place and everything returns to business as usual. There are fresh vegetables, fruits and spices to tempt you. Eels and live fish splash in pans and a wide array of thai delicacies are available to enjoy. I am always amazed at the wealth of fresh food in some of the most poverty stricken areas of the world while in the USA we eat so much processed food and fresh food is so expensive. Markets are a great place to wander as a family. Meeting and talking with locals, discovering new foods and seeing how people earn a living is such a valuable experience. Part of the Buddhist religion is to practice “Punna” or the practice of doing a good deed. We bought some live fish at the railway market and released them back to the river as suggested by our local guide. A simple but beautiful act to make for a wonderful family experience.


#87 visit the Donkey Sanctuary in Bonaire

#87 visit the Donkey Sanctuary in Bonaire
Donkeys roam free around Bonaire but a visit to the Donkey Sanctuary is must do! Aside from the great work they are doing for the feral donkeys it is truly a fun family experience! Expect to be completely surrounded by donkeys … We called it the donkeyapocolypse!


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#88 Take a Rock and Roll Walking tour of London -100 Days of Family Travel Experiences

There are lots of amazing and historic things to do in London, And yes, the West End theatre district is amazing. We had a very busy and fun time in London and other adventures are on this “100 Days” list – but we can begin with a Rock and Roll Walking tour around the city that we really enjoyed. Our guide was a lifelong music fan and true Rock-n-roll historian. He took us through the streets, back alleys, and shops of London where rock history was made. We listened to the stories and visited the sites where the Beatles, the Stones, Jimi Hendrix; and The Who (and many others) played, hng out, got their start, or recorded. My husband is a music history fanatic and was very excited. The kids and I also enjoyed the tour as our guide was a great storyteller. The London streets came alive as walked Denmark Street, Carnaby Street and stood on the steps at 3 Saville Row – the location of Apple Corps Ltd. where the Beatles were headquartered and held their last live (rooftop) performance. Sometimes hearing about a city from a specific time or subculture opens your eyes to streets in a new way. We just happened to top off our day with the lucky opportunity to see Sir Paul McCartney himself. There is nothing better than going through London on a Rock and Roll Tour and then actually seeing a Beatle!

At apple studios:


#91 Visit a coffee farm Guatemala: 100 Family Travel Experiences

#91 Visit a Coffee Farm in Guatemala

Any opportunity to learn how something is made is a great experience for a family. It always amazes and delights to learn the process from start to finish and somehow it makes you appreciate the products a little more. My kids feel that way about Guatemalan coffee. Taking a tour of Finca Filadelfia coffee farm is a day of fun and education. We started with an amazing zip line through the Guatemalan tree canopy. It was Fast paced and loaded with gorgeous views.

My kids were not sure they were going to like the coffee tour but they were mesmerized once it started. Coffee in Guatemala is grown on the volcanic soil and grafted from two different plants. The process is fascinating. You can see is drying in the sun and watch the hand sorting. Taste testing at the end is just as fun as the coffee is some of the best in the world. We bulk order it so we can enjoy it at home now!
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#94 Visit Weta Cave in Wellington, NZ : 100 Family Travel Experiences

100 Family Travel Experiences
#94 Visit Weta Cave in Wellington, NZ

New Zealand is the home to The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. You can see it in the landscapes of the country as well as in the pride the country takes in Peter Jackson’s adaptations of the J.R.R Tolkien novels. Not only can you take sightseeing tours to see where scenes are filmed but you can actually visit intact hobbit houses in Hobbiton where filming took place. For any fan or family a visit to Weta Cave is a must stop. Located in Wellington, Weta Cave is Peter Jackson’s special effects studio and museum and provides a behind the scenes tour of the movie magic. It’s fun and your kids will love it!



#95 Visit a Temple in Bali: 100 Family Travel Experiences


A Pura is a Balinese Hindu temple and the place of worship for the people of Bali who practice Balinese Hinduism in Indonesia. Balinese Hinduism is a unique blend of Hinduism with local animism and incorporation of Buddhist saints. Visiting Bali is like gaining a glimpse into a secret world. The people of Bali spend a portion of each day making and delivering offerings. These small and beautiful arrangements, primarily made of flowers, are everywhere. A visit to a temple in Bali gives you an opportunity to see hundreds, if not thousands, of these beautiful gifts of thanks. Your family will never forget a visit to Bali.