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A Traveler not traveling, It happens at times.

It’s been well over a year since we returned from a our “big trip”. A year round the world.  Before that it was almost a year of planning and preparing for the trip and then after there was a year of relishing in the trip. We also had lots of travels this past year that kept us hopping. Today, I find myself in that lull period. I am in-between travels. We have a big construction project at our house that takes my time, my kids are knee-deep in school and at ages that require a lot of taxi service. We are back to working to pay for the next travels as well as all the ones we took.  As much as I’m enjoying the time with family, pets and homelife I am longing for the road and adventure. Vacation planning really isn’t a substitute for a traveler and anyone who has long term traveled understands this. There is a desire to explore and see the world. Leave the security of the known and see what comes next. Daily routine at home is beautiful and I do remember how fleeting it really is. But, I also remember how much more time I spent with my children on the road. How we spent the best part of our days together not just the moments between events. I am envious when I see the traveling families still doing it. It’s such a unique experience. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to do it.

I love to travel. I take my kids everywhere and I can see the impact that traveling has had on them. They already beg to travel more. They have a developed world view. I’ll continue to blog about family adventures as we do more and what I’ve learned. I just miss the road.

#47 Visit Amsterdam’s Amazing Nemo Science Center: 100 family travel experiences


Amsterdam is an amazing city. Easy to get around whether by foot, bike, taxi or water. There is plenty to do and sometimes it’s hard to decide to take time to go see another science museum when there are so many good ones at home. It is my recommendation that you take time to see Nemo. You can’t miss the Nemo building. It looks like a giant green ship in the harbor.  Once inside, every exhibit is hands on and fascinating. They even have a laboratory where kids can sign up to do there own experiments.  Kids will want to spend hours exploring each floor.

One of the most fascinating and unique exhibits in Nemo is their Teen Facts section. The Netherlands has a very different and open view of sexuality and Amsterdam is a town in which prostitution is legal. It’s not surprising that the science museum takes an open and active approach to addressing the body, puberty and sexuality at their science museum. To American’s it may come as a shock to visit the “teen peep show” where kids over 13 are given coins to watch videos of other children discussing sex, first experiences and answering questions.  You’ll find art figurines posed in sexual positions and even a manual french kiss machine. Where this is shocking to most Americans it is all part of good communication in the Netherlands.  If you are taking your kids to Amsterdam it’s probably a great idea to have these discussions as prostitution  is a part of the city of Amsterdam’s history and probably will bring up some questions anyway. I found we couldn’t visit several of the sites without passing side streets with women in the windows.





International Home Exchange with Trusting Traveler- If We Can do it Blog Challenge

If We Can Do It, So Can You!

Hi, my name is Kerry Ascione and I’ll be really quick and to the point.

I spent most of my life dreaming about travel and not doing much about it.  I thought foreign travel was for the rich and since I was not rich, I was not entitled to it.

In 2005, my husband changed careers to teaching and got that great perk – summers off.

In 2006, I found out about International Home Exchange and tried it out.  During the summer of 2006 my family of five, including 2 kids and grandma, spent six weeks in Spain in Italy in three incredible home exchanges.

Our lives haven’t been the same since.  They’ve gone from fine to phenomenal.

Since then, my family has spent three to six weeks every other summer in Europe, for a total of fifteen weeks in the last five years.  This fits perfectly into our busy lifestyle and gives us so much to look forward to every other summer.

International home exchanging has afforded us the incredible luxury of cultural travel that we never thought possible.   We’ve not only visited amazing places, but have the opportunity to live in incredible comfort, if not luxury, as locals – not merely tourists.  We have been incredibly enriched by these experiences.

I am so grateful that home exchange has provided my children, especially, the opportunity to have these amazing global experiences so young in life.  I can’t help but believe that these experiences will make them more open-minded, accepting, flexible, and compassionate people.

Now it’s your turn because “if we can do it, so can you!”

Kerry Ascione