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Normandy and look back at the post from our trip.

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My Dad took me to see the movie Midway when I was a very little girl. It probably wasn’t the most appropriate movie for a seven year old but Dad and I bonded over WWII forever after. I have always been fascinated by the heroism and dedication of the greatest generation and the war that gave us the freedom we all continue to enjoy today.

It has been a dream of mine to see Normandy for myself. To walk on the beaches, see the bluffs, touch the bunkers and pray for the fallen. My experience was better than I ever imagined. It was something that touched all of us differently and even Lee at ten said that it was the best tour of our entire trip. That about sums it up.

Enjoy the pictures but they don’t do it justice. It’s the stories of personal heroism that made this special and ultimately it was these individual acts of courage and bravery that won the war.